Infrastructure for
the future

We are constructing Roads, Drain, Sewerage Line, Sewerage Treatment Plant, Pencawang Pembahagian Utama (PPU), Water-supply Pipes, Elevated Water Tank.

Proposed Development of Commercial and Industrial at PTD 5006, PTD 5008, PTD 5015, PTD 5043 – PTD 5052, Mukim Pengerang, Daerah Kota Tinggi, Johor Darul Takzim. Package 2 & Package 3 – Main Distribution Sub-station (PPU), Elevated Water Tank, Water Reticulation Works, Single Chamber Sub-Station, Infrastructure and Related Works.

Contract Value : RM75 Millions
Client : Perisind Samudra Sdn Bhd
Engineer : Teraju Runding
Construction Period : 2019 to 2021

Construction of STP, PPU, Elevated Water Tank, Road Works and Sewer Lines, were underway covering the area of 88 acres in Oases. A development by Perisind Samudra Sdn Bhd.

The signing ceremony for the purchase of Electrical Bus between BYD Co Ltd and Perisind Samudra Sdn Bhd, for operation in the Oases, witnessed by Tan Sri Syed Azman Bin Syed Ibrahim, the Group Managing Director of Weststar Group of Companies and Datuk Yee Kong Fatt, the Managing Director of Ukay Builders Sdn  Bhd.   

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Pengerang, Package 1


We are carrying out earthwork to entire 88 acres of site of future development by our client.

Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP)

We are design and build Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) of 25,000 PE capacity for the development of Oases, Pengerang including Hazop Study and Environment Management Plant (EMP)

Sewerage Works

The scope of works consists of 225mm diameter pipes to 450mm diameter pipes, precast manhole sizes of 1.2m to 1.35m up to maximum depth of 7.5m and pipe jacking works.

Pengerang, Package 2

Water Tank

We are constructing Elevated  Water Tank of 22m height capacity of 3.53MLD, 1 unit of suction tank capacity of 1.57MLD, pump house, internal piping works and surrounding infrastructural works.

Water Reticulation

We are laying mild steel concrete lining pipes (MSCL) pipe laying sizes from 100mm to 600mm diameter for both raising and falling main piping works, various sizes of thrust blocks, valves, hydrants, S-bend and pipe jacking works.

Road and drainage

We are carrying out roadworks, kerbs, road marking, signages, traffic lights, guardrails, 4 numbers of gantry (30m length), pre-tensioned beam bridge (30m length), arch culvert bridge (33m length), reinforced concrete retaining wall (5m and 2.5m height). Drainage works include U-shape drains, box culverts, twin boxed-culverts, v-shape berm drain, pipe culvert and sump.

Pencawang Pembahagian Utama (PPU)

We are constructing double storey PPU including foundation, 1 unit of single chamber substation, guard house and all necessary external infrastructure works.